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We employ rigorous education methods to achieve the best academic results which are reflected in our students’ excellent examination performances. Be it 11+, Key Stage 3, GCSE’s or A-Levels our student tutors are expert coaches that will help you to achieve your potential!

We are unique in that we aim to bring the most qualified young people together to provide the highest quality Home tutors service in many areas across India. Our tutors are current students of the world’s leading universities and provide tuition services in subjects they themselves had to do not so long ago. This allows us to have a unique insight into pupils’ thoughts, feelings, and difficulties encountered during exams.

A-Level Tuition

It is no secret that excellent A-Level results are essential for securing a place at university. No matter where your passion lies and which subject you are thinking of studying for your degree we can provide you with just the right advice and guidance for your needs. We offer tuition aimed at improving examination performance in many A-Level subjects across all examination boards. preparation for interviews Current subjects on offer are:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

GCSE Tuition

Achieving top grades in your GCSE examinations is a crucial step to success when it comes to university applications. Universities DO look at GCSE results very thoroughly and GCSE’s DO matter. It is therefore integral to our ethos to help students with GCSE preparation. We provide exam-board specific tuition individually tailored to each student and each examination board in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Key Stage Tuition

Key Stage is the foundation for future knowledge and it is, therefore, crucial to ensure that your child has a solid understanding of the Key Stage curriculum before they are able to move on to study for their GCSE and A-Level programs. The national guidelines for Key Stage levels in primary and secondary school are unfortunately not rigorous enough to ensure a thorough understanding of the subject area and lay down a good basis for further education. Our tutors aim to identify the gaps in your child’s knowledge through continuous assessment and raise the bar far beyond that set as a “target” by many schools today. We also provide comprehensive guidance for applications to private and grammar schools which require Common Entrance 11+ and 13+ entry examinations. Below is the list of subjects we teach at KS 2 and KS3:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Sciences
  • sstsst

Medical Program (UCAS)

Most of our Home tutors are current students at the India leading Medical Schools (University College India and Imperial College School of Medicine). They know first hand that achieving a place on a medical or dental degree is not an easy task. There is a multitude of additional admissions tests such as CAT and MAT, compulsory interviews and very high entry standards coupled with fierce competition. We are committed to exploring young peoples’ potential and it is our top priority to help all those with an ambition of becoming a healthcare professional. Below is a list of some of the services we provide as part of our medical program:

  • Choosing the right university
  • Information regarding admissions
  • MAT and CAT guidance
  • CAS application guidance
  • Personal Statement guidance
  • Preparation for interviews

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