Simple steps to make your teaching more effective

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According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, the word teaching means an act of giving lessons to students in a school, college, university etc., or to help somebody learn something by giving information about it. The most important part of the definition is to help the students to get their lessons or to help somebody to learn something. Teaching is regarded as the noblest profession in the world. Teaching is the act of laying the foundation for a life, from its inception, on the basis of which the students build their future and get themselves equipped to achieve the objective of their lives. Imparting knowledge, which is the theme of teaching, do not mean just delivering the concept of the subject matter to the students. It means making the students enough knowledgeable on the topic on which the teacher is offering his or her lecture. Proper teaching requires the teachers to acquire a lot of fine tuned qualities which, when coupled with a proper teaching environment, brings out the best from the students. Acquiring these qualities and teaching the students in a more effective way does not require special qualifications or extraordinary effort. Rather it requires a willingness to be a good teacher.


The first and foremost quality that a teacher requires is the expert knowledge of his/her subjectThe knowledge should be updated from time to time so that the teacher can provide the most contemporary education to the students. The queries of the students should be satisfied without any hesitation and with the proper documentation, evidence and conviction. The materials and the concept should be perfect because the students rely completely on the analysis of their teachers to grab the idea of the subject they are studying.

The communication style is the next most important thing that a teacher should possess. Whatever may be the language of communication used, the teacher should be fluent enough to explain and communicate any topic in simple and effective language so that the students do not get confused about what the teacher wants to say. It has been found that in many cases the teacher possesses excellent subject knowledge but due to lack of an effective and efficient communication skill, he/she has failed to deliver the subject matter properly to the students. Having an excellent communication does not mean that the teacher should possess an excellent language skill. But it means that the teacher should be able to change the style of communication depending upon the national, social and cultural backgrounds of the students.

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Developing a clear understanding in between the teacher and the students is very important for building a proper environment of teaching. A fine-tuning with the students, an understanding of their psychology helps the teacher to create a receptive attitude within the students, which in turn helps the students in focussing their attention on the analysis and explanation of their teacher in the class. Simply the teacher should have the skill to strike the right note of his/her class to make the students involve in what he/she is delivering in the class.

With the style of teaching, the medium of teaching has also been changed significantly with the advancement of technology, especially the internet technology. The Internet and its worldwide web have enabled the communication to break the barrier of the nations and one can communicate to another virtually in no time irrespective of the geographical locations of them and at any time convenient to them. This real-time online communication has opened up another world for education, where teachers are constantly being requested to provide lectures, to analyze various topics of various subjects over the internet by using the virtual classrooms to the students all over the world. The online teaching has really placed the widely dispersed education world on a global platform which could be accessed by any students and which has eliminated the time and geographical constraints of the traditional classroom education system.

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To be effective in this virtual world, the teacher needs to have some simple attributes. He/She has to be smart enough to use the various sophisticated communication devices as well as the internet. As in online teaching, the educational support is frequently required to be provided to the students of different nations with different social and cultural orientations than that of the teacher, he/she has to build the teaching attitude and style a truly global one which would be acceptable by the students of different countries. The communication again is very important as the teacher, in this case, has to deal with the students of entirely different culture.

These are nothing but the general qualities which are necessary to make teaching effective. The following paragraphs discuss some specific styles which, if followed, is will definitely make the teaching more effective.

Before teaching a particular topic, the teacher should be well aware of the standard of the topics and the basic knowledge of the students regarding that particular topic. That will help the teacher to vary the degree of analysis of the subject before the students. For the students who are supposed to take the advanced learning on a particular topic, the teacher can avoid a very detailed analysis of the basics and can directly concentrate on the advanced level of the topic.

The entire lecture should be divided into separate phases and with a little break in between different phases of discussion. This is very important as the short breaks will help the students to grab the analysis already made by the teacher and will prepare them in a better way for more advanced discussion. The variation of the pace of the lecture as well as of the tones depending upon the importance of the points in the topic simply makes the lecture more interesting before the students. The more the students will be interested in the lecture, the more the teacher can enjoy their undivided attentions towards the classroom discussion.

The students must be encouraged to ask any question in between and after the end of the lecture. This is very important part of the effective teaching. The teacher should also ask questions intermittently on the topics discussed, as the questions from the students as well from their answers will give an idea how well they have grabbed the subject matter of the discussion. Use of demonstration tools, especially in the case of topics of science and mathematics are very important part of an effective teaching. The proper use of boards and figures as well as examples will help the students to visualise the subject matter and will assist them immensely to develop a proper concept in their learning materials.

Teaching is said to form the backbone of a society. Effective teaching has got the undivided attention of many scholars throughout the history of mankind and still lots of researches are being made about how to make the teaching more effective. There are several ways and each one should be applied depending upon the environment in which the teacher is trying to teach his/her students. You could have all the qualities to be an effective teacher, but probably above all, the quality of motivating the students to learn the subject and to give the best of his/her effort will make your teaching most effective as, a student when properly motivated, quickly develop the capacity of learning and quickly develop the ability to turn his or her dream into a reality.

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